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Originally Posted by poppap527 View Post
Advice please guys,
Have a 19yo goalie with 46 Goa, 8 pas, 20 Spd, 17Sco and 25 exp, 87/65 scouted.
He's been suffice able for IV.4, but I have a new 18yo goalie pull who has replaced him on my future keeper depth chart and I'm wondering if you think he stands a chance in USA IV games.

I don't think he is cause he has no speed yet, but has 65goa 1spd, and 25 Sco. Has tremendous Q/P, but I think my 19yo's level of experience trumps any goalie ability upside.

I want that 18yo to start his ascent to beast level. Just stole a NC game in 2OT with my U20 lineup in.
If you have a good youth goalie that you want to reach his full potential, I think the only two options are: play him in net right away and all the time, or play him 30 minutes a game as a winger for a couple seasons. He'll gain a few AI in wasted areas, but overall he'll train much higher and gain more EXP.

It's up to you and depends on your team.

I played my goalie in net because I didn't have room on my first line. He'll still hit 300 AI.

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