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Originally Posted by NHLfan4life View Post
I agree with your post but I think that ship has come and gone. All of these tire kickers wasted everyone's time and whether or not the NHL planned it that way is not even relevant anymore.

From my opinion, I think Phoenix would be a better long term investment and it would work here. Places like QC are great at first but I doubt they can keep up the fever they say they have if they get a team. I give them 7 years maybe then they'll start to feel the pain. Not wishing that on them at all because losing a team sucks. You can have a rich owner but that doesn't keep people going to games.

The local media has flubbed up so many times on the Coyotes. Including reporting deals that are 'done' to stories that seem completely fabricated. I think if one sports caster decided to dig into what has gone on and what is really going on, like a pitbull, that person would gather quite a lot of attention. It's almost like everyone is afraid to ask hard questions. Not necessarily about any deal specifically but that Plan B, C and so on is for the team. We can all say 'it's obvious' what the next steps are but that rarely turns out to be true in this never ending saga.
The Nordiques did not move so much because of attendance issues.

Player salaries, for the most part paid in US $, kept on rising while the weak Canadian dollar caused problems for all (CDN) franchises (save for Habs & Leafs) at the time.

Attendance had in fact been pretty solid for the final three years of the franchise in QC.

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