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02-20-2013, 06:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Avsare1 View Post

Sorry to break this to you(And Avs fans for ending the troll) but Avs fans were not accepting that, they were trolling you, we had some laughs on our board at the fact that you guys actually thought we were serious...

The fact that ROR is a holdout means nothing, the Avs are in no rush to trade him, were not gonna do anything this year, so we can wait for a long time until we get what we want. And from TOR that will probably be Gardiner+.

Leafs fans have to look at it like this, other fan bases are offering up highly valuable pieces for ROR. The likes of MZD, Kulikov, Ennis+, etc. What makes Leafs fans think that they're so special as to get a star player for the crap being proposed? AND especially when you consider the fact that Sherman, the Avs ACTUAL GM, is asking for even more then those offers, he's asking for MDZ+ or Kulikov+, then it becomes even more obvious that its going to take more then spare parts from the Leafs, just like every other team. The Leafs aren't the center of the universe when it comes to trading. Teams aren't lining up for the chance to trade there players to the Leafs.

Other fan bases get it, they realize you have to give up significant pieces to get significant pieces, Leafs fans continue trying to paint this picture in there own minds that what they're offering is fair when its obvious to every fan base(not even just Avs fans) that the offers are bad.

Now some Leafs fans do get it, and offering packages that include the likes of Gardiner, but then you get the other Leafs fans who are continuing to propose garbage, and then pretending its actually a good deal for the Avs, bashing Oreilly to make it look even better and so on.

At this point us Avs fans take very few of you seriously(same can be said all around the league actually), we mock and troll you guys so we can laugh at the fact that you actually think your trades are good.
I didn't know players were considered as "stars" just after a career high 55 points playing in their 3rd season.

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