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Originally Posted by Vipers31 View Post
That's precisely the point, though. If people aren't able to evaluate goaltenders' play, there's no point to them discussing the deals they get. Eliott had great numbers, but he didn't have a "fantastic season" (by other standards than himself) and wasn't a great goalie. I didn't like the deal for them back then. Goaltenders don't just transform overnight. Elliott had a considerable body of work at the NHL level, that didn't just disappear when he looked good in St. Louis. Fasth has a considerable body of work in his pro career, even though it's not as transparent to most NHL fans. That's just the difference. These guys are getting deals for their quality, not for their numbers or their NHL resumee. That's fantasy / armchair scouting and not how real life works.
if we were able to judge goaltenders solely by their play in different leagues, then when fasth came over he would've already signed a massive deal with a club. the fact of the matter is, these guys don't KNOW how players are going to adjust when they come here, that's why they start them off on a cheap deal. it's not saying that they aren't quality, its just a smart risk assessment.
The same thing still applies here, he's only played 8 NHL games, no one KNOWS if it's just a flash in the pan, or once shooters get the book on the goalie then the goalie won't be able to bounce back. Real life is about risk assessment, and included in that are their numbers and NHL resume.
Obviously Murray decided that the contract was worth the risk, I don't have a problem with that. I have a problem with the fact that people think 2.9M is nothing and that this signing basically has no risk, and infact it would've been riskier because OMG if we had waited an extra couple weeks, his contract would've skyrocketted from an already high 2.9 to like 5m. To me that seems unlikely, but it would've definitely been less risky, because theres also a chance that in the next couple weeks he would've come back down to Earth. What if he plays more games like he did in St. Louis?

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