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02-20-2013, 06:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Grind View Post
I literally ranted about this on facebook not one week ago. Discovery, History, TLC, National GEO, A & E, OLN, ALL of these stations use to show primarily intelligent, thought provoking they show reality tv shows about being meter maids, pawn shop clerks, and other bull **** jobs that if i really, really gave a **** about what it was like to be- i could probably just go get that job.

****ing ridiculous!
It's pretty simple actually. Those old shows cost a lot of money to write, produce, and bring to TV. Reality shows cost very little comparatively and bring in big audiences.

Having 300 channels is good in some respects but in reality it's just resulted in 1000 times more bad shows. The audience is so fragmented now it's very risky to produce a high budget show in case it flops. There have been some exceptional shows that have been canceled (V, Flash Forward to name a couple) that have been canceled because they didn't get traction quickly enough and cost too much to make.

BTW check out this website. Pretty interesting list of shows that have been canceled with their ratings, runs, synopsis, etc.

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