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02-20-2013, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by csanadi19 View Post
Even though i agree that the particular proposal is in the avs favour, to say ROR won't return a blue chipper is completely inaccurate. Now as you said our fan base is hard to to talk to, let go over the reasons for this:

1) when trading with the leafs, we want a defenseman that can play top pairing minutes with EJ, because trading for any forward on the leafs would be uselesss because of our depth. And we do not want Gunnarson as we do not believe he's 1st pairing material.

2) Leafs fan continue to make proposal stating its fair value for them, but when avs fan say no we're the ones gauging value wrong.

3) we plain and simple are sick of the leafs scraps for Colorado deals. If you want to give quality we will gladly discuss fair value for ROR, but it seems like leaf fans consistently think they can get our players for scraps, even tho we reject the offer 99 times outta 100
It's hard to understand what you define as scraps. I don't know about blue chippers, but if we are even in the considering trading Rielly, it will be a franchise changing type of trade which changes the whole franchise and will be talked about as much as the Kessel trade. You really think O'Reilly has that type of star power to change the leaf franchise.

If you are willing to trade Duchene for Rielly, then that would keep us interested and would change the entire franchise, but ROR is just a complimentary piece we need to play with Kessel, no way is he worth completely dismantling the quality of our prospect pool.

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