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02-20-2013, 08:12 PM
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Originally Posted by mapes View Post

So I'm in a H2H keeper league, took over a struggling team. You keep 6 guys, whatever round they were drafted in you lose that pick. Free agent pickups cost you your final round. If you keep 2 in the same round it counts as the round afterwards.

I used my number 1 waiver on Tulo, used another waiver on Texeira and Haren. These would cost me my picks in rounds 24-26.

I traded for Verlander and Cano. Overpaid but great guys to have (cost picks 1-2). I had Moore in the 8th round so I now had my keepers set.

I then began "selling" my team as it had no hope, in the form of draft picks. A couple guys were upset and said its not right. To me, I felt why not.

I received an email about 10 days ago him welcoming guys back to the league and whatnot but with no invite. One guy, who I assume ment to just write the commish, complained of my strategy. Said I ruined the league by doing it. I probably only did 3-4 trades but one guy likely won the league by 1 of them.

I still hadn't received an invite by Sunday so I wrote the commish. Now no response. Normally he responds quick. I'm assuming now I'm not getting one. Pretty pissed about it.

My question, should they be mad? I built such a promising team plus adding higher picks.

Pretty crummy. If there was no rule against it, then there's no violation. If they were mad then they should have implemented a rule. The commish should have at-least given you a response and at minimum a warning not to do it again. They're probably just mad about you having such a good team!

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