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02-20-2013, 07:16 PM
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More reactions from CBC:

If your team is struggling so much a third of the way through the season that you feel a coaching change is in order -- after a 10 year-stretch where missing the playoffs was more common than actually making the playoffs -- it might be time to also take a long look at the people responsible for putting the team together and consider making a change there as well.

In this case, that's general manager Darcy Regier.

Ruff may have been responsible for cooking the dinner, but Regier was the one doing the shopping and providing him with the ingredients. And they simply aren't good enough.
How often in this and past years did the team look like an overcooked casserole or some kind of home-made stew no one knew?

But even more than the bad contracts was some of the philosophical changes that were made this season, including the Sabres' desire to become a "tougher" team in the wake of the Ryan Miller-Milan Lucic incident last season. There was a lot of overreaction here, and it's impact has been felt up and down the roster.

This summer the Sabres traded talented and productive center Derek Roy to the Dallas Stars for agitator Steve Ott in effort to increase their sandpaper and grit. That stuff certainly has a place, but at the expense of talent?
I was 100% for dumping Roy but I was not happy that Regier thought adding Ott and Scott was enough to represent improvement over last season's roster.

The only forward in the NHL that's been on the ice for more goals against per 60 minutes of 5-on-5 play this season than Hodgson is Marty Reasoner. This despite Hodgson getting favorable offensive zone starts (52.4 percent of his shifts start in the offensive zone). So while he's produed a lot of offense for the Sabres, he's also given up a lot coming back the other way.

All of this adds up to an organization that needs a mighty overhaul. Maybe the coaching staff is a good place to start

Ouch! I can see Canuck fans laughing at this one....

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