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02-20-2013, 07:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Colorado Sports Fan View Post
Here's the thing though, and maybe TPS or someone with closer ties to the team might have a better take or can correct me. But think even if he re-signs he maybe an outsider in the locker room. I mean, true or not there is the perception he's holding out because he's mad and holding out because Lando got the C and that he thinks he's more valueable to the team than its best player(Duchene).

On the fan this Afternoon Dater made it sound like ROR isn't exactly the most popular guy in the locker room right now. So it may just be for the best all around and not just for the front office that he is moved.
I don't think so, Dater is just an emotional guys, and lets his emotions get the better of him when he writes, I don't think the locker room issues are nearly as bad with ROR as he makes them out to be.

I mean sure theres probably a little animosity between some guys and ROR, but ROR is the type of guy who I think would walk into the room, tell the guys he's sorry, and work his ass off to make it up to everyone. One week tops and everyone would love the guy again.

Which is the difference between Subban and ROR(kinda offtopic), Subban isn't the type of guy to do what ever it takes to make amends with his teammates, he probably somewhat shrugged it off as a who cares type thing, ROR wouldn't do that. That's part of the reason why I don't think there would be as much dislike in the first place, ROR cares about his team and teammates a lot more.

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