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02-20-2013, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by johnny_rudeboy View Post
You answered your own question.

What does Avs benefit from that? They would then get nothing and have to hear about how they have wasted RoRīs career for the next 4 years and probably longer then that.

It is better to get a roster player and a pick then nothing at all other then negative attention.
Yes, but it would also be of better interest for the Avs to just resign ROR and give him his 5M for 2 years then it would be to get what they view to be significantly less value on the market then he's worth.

So both of those options you listed earlier cant be out of play. If resigning him is 100% not an option, then making him lose 5 years of development(effectively destroying his career anyways actually) is a possiblilty if they don't get what they want from a trade.

And if letting him rot for 5 years isn't a possibility(which its not, but for the sake of argument I listed it as earlier) then resigning him is an option.

The Avs don't have to trade ROR, they can still resign him leaving both sides happy to an extent. ROR still wants to play for COL, that's the reason he hasn't requested a trade yet.

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