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02-20-2013, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by usernamesteph View Post
how can one prove it?

i see a non attacking team, more concerned with blocking shots than scoring goals..

we allow teams to setup shop and bomb away on us.. on purpose and hope to block as many shots as possible
You can prove it by stating a logical argument for why it's true. I've offered an argument for why I think a lot of it is on the players in past comments on this thread. To sum up some of those ideas: The players are making dumb mistakes up and down the lines. Torts isn't telling them to make dumb passes to the other team or to not backcheck as hard as they can. "The system" isn't holding them back from playing some puck possession game because they haven't shown themselves to be capable of playing that game. The same coach coached the same core players with the same strategy to an absurdly successful season last year.

I really don't see a team sitting there waiting to block shots when I watch this team play. That's the description of NYR that I hear from other teams' fanbases. It's a caricature of what they actually do. Why are the D pinching so much if they're more concerned with blocking shots than scoring? Why is NYR tenth in the league in shots/game if they never attack and just block shots all day? Let's be real here. No team plays that way. It's a sensationalized description of the Rangers based on popular opinion about them and people's frustration with their current struggles. This team is struggling to find a strategy that meshes with the new lineup while also trying to deal with some big names underperforming. It's going to take a while for them to get into gear.

People were saying the same things last year when the team started slow. Fire Torts. The system is stupid. It's holding everyone back. Good think Sather didn't listen.

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