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02-20-2013, 08:15 PM
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No way, Swagger is ****ed.

If he was the Jack Swagger of December 2012 that wasn't a blip on anybody's radar, then he'd probably be fine.

However, Swagger and the gimmick have been all over Major News outlets the past few weeks and the WWE have been catching major backlash from it (not enough to scrap it all together).

Now the guy who is the face of the angle gets promptly arrested for DUI and possession? The media will have a field day if no action is taken.

A guy who has been on thin ice for a year? A guy that Vince finally was willing to invest something into? He does THIS? Swagger can kiss his big push and Mania payday goodbye.

There isn't much damage control WWE can do to salvage this. As many have said, hotshot Swagger/Del Rio this Monday, Del Rio wins.. then move on by either a Gold Rush tournament or have Ziggler cash in that very night so we get Ziggler/Del Rio rematch at Mania.

They took 2 titles away from RVD in a matter of days after his arrest and they pulled Hardy and his big MITB push off of WrestleMania 24.

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