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12-18-2003, 06:10 PM
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Just a point Kingz but don't you think you might have put a ton of unrequired anger into your post at KPD? I mean, he has an opinion on the subject that is different from yours so to to say what you did doesn't support your arguement and only makes it look silly.

Depression is a blighter no doubt, but KPD said allot more than that he thinks that Allison should just get over it. You know mate, I work as do you probably and most of the rest of us here and we all have to work through some serious ailments. It isn't that KPD were knocking mental illness as much as he is questioning how much we and Kings management are supposed to take from Allison. He has been out forever and it IS getting frustrating, thats all.

Your angry post makes it sound like you think that KPD believes that clinical depression is a false illness and I think he was just saying that Allison is starting give us more and more problems that are keeping from playing and that if he were to get back on the ice that some of the problems might go away. Thats how I saw it anyways.


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