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Originally Posted by Freudian View Post
There is no indication that his agent isn't doing what Ryan is telling him. The player is employing the agent. Not the other way around. I'm not sure we should assume he is being controlled by his dad/agent in this situation.

He is a 22 year old man. I'm not going to view him as a victim in this. He has chosen this path for himself.
Yeah maybe...maybe not. In the end, he'll get the blame and will need to accept it.

But a small part of me is thinking that he's not really in the driver's seat here.

- "Hey Ryan, when do you think you'll play again?"

- "I dunno, when my dad wakes up on the sane side of the bed?"

I wouldn't have thought this before I read the manifesto but man, if that guy really believes all of that stuff, I cannot imagine that he's been exactly super easy to deal with growing up even as his son. He talks a lot about 'beating the final boss control management whatever' but maybe he's no better and controls individuals.

For me, it either a little bit of THAT...OR...the alternative is that everything that RoR did last year to prove that he was the 'greatest character player in the history of pro sports' was all for show. All the running up and down stairs after games and taking losses extremely hard (of course while Dater is there to gobble it all up) was, unfortunately all for the build-up of this persona.

My reasoning is that the Ryan O'Reilly that I know, correction that I THOUGHT I KNEW, is not the guy that I'm currently seeing holding out for more money than what is league-wide considered more than fair. He's not a guy that would be upset about NOT being the captain, if it happens fine, if not, fine, he's not the guy that would be JEALOUS about the contract status of OTHER teammates. In other words, he's a REAL character player, he just wants to play and the rest takes care of itself.

So he's either really STILL that guy that I thought I knew and he's being controlled by external forces OR I never really knew Ryan O'Reilly at all. It's certainly not both.

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