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02-20-2013, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Son of Steinbrenner View Post
You guys realize when Brooks says he's not trying to "fan the fuels" he is trying to do EXACTLY that.

This rumor all started with Brooks speculating by using the Rangers excuse for Nash not showing up to the season ticket holder event. The Rangers using the excuse that Nash was sick after missing ONE practice is the BASIS for this rumor....nothing more. Yet, we have more evidence it isn't a concussion BASED on Nash finishing the game against Boston, playing against the Islanders, playing against the Caps, and practicing Monday AFTER the Caps game. The Rangers don't disclose day to day injuries (see Girardi) but do disclose longterm injuries (see Powe) yet we have so called fans ready to jump off the 59th street bridge because the Rangers won't disclose an injury. It makes no sense. What if Nash has an inner ear infection and can't fly? What if he has a pneumonia and can't fly? What if Nash is having platelet therapy for a groin injury tomorrow and Friday and can't fly? See that's just three reason Nash won't fly to Ottawa. Also, what evidence does Brooks have that you can't fly with a concussion? Is that some sort of circumstantial evidence that somebody has a concussion OR is that an actual restriction based on medical evidence? Didn't the Rangers fly concussed players to Montreal for YEARS to see Dr Karen Johnson. Oh no, wait she's practices medicine in Montreal and that's where Nash might fly Saturday. That must mean Nash has a concussion! Yup, that's the mentality of this board.....

If Nash is "banged" up with a groin injury and the Rangers know he isn't going to play against Ottawa it would make more sense for him not to travel and get treatment in New York. Jim Ramsey isn't the only member of the Rangers medical staff.

I swear some fans are such masochists they are hoping that this is a concussion. They want to be miserable. They want to see a conspiracy in everything. Who knows what the truth is but to ASS-U-ME it's a concussion is stupid. Brooks is playing you guys and in this day with twitter and news traveling so fast from message boards etc nobody will hold Brooks accountable if this rumor HE started isn't true. I hope some fans remember this if Nash plays Saturday night.
Did you see the hit Lucic put on Nash?

This isn't baseless speculation, Brooks whole article was based on that type of hit, and how it could be a reason.

Not all serious concussion symptoms magically appear right away. It's also the type of injury that a player himself has to disclose. Many don't because they are so competitive that they don't want to lose any time and want to help the team (macho mentality).

He could have felt 'sick' a few days after when the PCS settled in, and now he's starting to deal with it.

Point is, I hope its a groin tweak, and not something more serious/sensitive like a concussion. However, the concussion rumor was not baseless, because the hit Lucic delivered to Nash was more than worthy of causing a concussion, especially when there is 220lb smashing your head directly into the glass.

Let's hope for the best and see if he's back and ready for Saturday night.

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