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02-20-2013, 08:37 PM
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I think the Rangers are in the middle of the perfect storm right now.

You guys really overachieved last year, which gave some guys a false sense they "made it" in the league and forgot about the work and determination to get there. Add in the vezina winner goalie in Lundqvist that bails out most of the team's mistakes, and the arrival of Nash, the "missing piece," and suddenly a lot of guys thought they could hide behind the duo and let them carry the team.

Then add in the New York factor - when things are going well you have tons of media and fans inflating the ego of everyone, all the business opportunities and other New York distractions, etc.

Put it all together and you have a team of guys who pretty much lost a lot of their work ethic and conditioning over the summer and lockout, who's minds are filled more with distractions than what they need to do on the ice.

As much as I wonder about the coaching staff and their dual personalities (being so prepared before games yet unable to adjust during a does that happen?)....firing the coaching staff and bringing in new guys won't solve anything.

Lock these players in the gym with a drill sergent for the rest of the season and take away their phones and computers. Try to get back that work ethic they had last year.

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