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Originally Posted by Marotte Marauder View Post
I assume, maybe I shouldn't, that you consider Cyclone Taylor one of the early greats. Hobey and Moose Goheen were offered contracts similar to what Cyclone was getting. Is that part of the pomp and circumstance that has the "myth" of Hobey Baker propelling him to Hall of Fame status?

So, salaries offered were similar, both were inducted into the Hall of Fame in the first ever induction. Why is it so inconceivable, to some, that Hobey Baker was not legit? Because he chose something other than pro hockey?

The argument that he played 100 years ago aginst guys nobody ever heard of is ridiculous. If you knew your hockey history, you would have heard of some of these players. To think that some of you think that more people will give a darn about a Patty LaFontaine or JR in 100 years from now is just crazy.
So name the guys that Hobey Baker played against. Bonus points if you don't have to look it up.

I had never heard that Hobey and Goheen were offered contracts similar to what Taylor was making. When was this?

Also, not that it's a big deal, but Cyclone Taylor was not inducted until 1947. All the 1945 inductees were deceased at the time of induction.

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