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02-20-2013, 08:50 PM
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Brilliant! I started ice hockey a year younger than you, so this brings back some of my memories haha.

It's not too late! With a fair amount of skating practice and time on the ice, you'll be able to at least keep up and have fun. Your parent's reasoning is...odd. Hockey is a sport and a means of healthy exercise. How can you improve your physique in any way if you don't play? Haha though I'm sure you know that.

For advice on gear, check out the stickied threads above. The Noob Chronicles have plenty of excellent advice that I would essentially be repeating, so check that as well! If you do a search for something along the lines of 'new player' etc. you are sure to find plenty of good threads. The thing I find about HFBoards over the years is that it's very beginner-friendly and practical.

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