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Originally Posted by Aslanrh View Post
My thought then on Josh K:

Perhaps it depends more on how much control and aspirations Josh Kronke has in regards to the Avalanche. It has been long enough for him to be the owner/controller trainee, and so if he truly has control of this team, things may start to shake up a bit.

A young guy wanting to prove himself and build a winner will be more likely to change the status quo. He may start at the top by releasing PL, or at the bottom by starting to influence player decisions and coaching. I think that a quality coach will be hired if PL loses influence with J.K. Nothing helps that happen more than having a continually floundering franchise.

If he's just a figurehead in place so his father could by the Rams, then unfortunately it will be more of the same.

Hopefully he's a young owner in the world of men twice his age or more, and he'll be hell bent on doing what it takes to earn their respect and prove he's a force and part of the future in this league. (ala Mark Cuban). The easiest of ways to do that is to build a winner.
So here's the thing about that. Currently the Avs have a group of people who run the Avs (the Lacroix(s), Joe Sakic, Billington, etc...) and Josh Kroenke who's the owner. The deal is that Josh is passionate...about basketball. He'll say all the right things, once every few years when he's interviewed and asked about the Avs but mostly, he just lets that group handle the hockey operations.

To do what you're suggesting, Josh Kroenke would need to be passionate about hockey and 'rub elbows' with people who could potentially take over for the current group that is running hockey operations. I doubt very much that he knows a lot of other hockey people. The facts are this, the Avalanche have won 2 championships and a multitude of division championships since coming to Denver in 1995. Since the previous lockout, we've had a more difficult time and needed to go into rebuild mode but if you look at the past 18 years and the list of clubs who haven't done ANYTHING, I can certainly understand why Josh Kroenke is satisfied with the guys running things currently.

Simply put, what you're suggesting would shock the hell out of me.

Originally Posted by Bill Peckerskull View Post
I don't feel that the Kroenke's have a clue about how to run a Hockey Team. They basically let PL run everything. It's his baby, they just pay the bills.

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