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02-20-2013, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by LePoche69 View Post
Everything's fine because the team is winning. But some of Therrien's moves would have been more severly scrutinized if it wouldn't have turn out so well.

Personnaly, I always liked his moves, even the first time around. It's sometimes risky, but always pertinent.

I remember when Therrien got slamed because he used Lindsay instead of Perrault for an important faceoff against Carolina in the Playoffs. Everybody wanted to crucified him because Perrault was the best at faceoffs in the league. It turned out Lindsay lost the faceoffs, Caroline scored and later eliminate the Habs.

Well, I agreed with Therrien's move at the time, even if it turned out wrong. Sure Perrault was the best, but even the best lose many faceoffs. And Lindsay wasn't bad at all. The point is, when Perrault lose a faceoffs, he becomes useless as he was horrible defensively. While Lindsay rarely lost a faceoffs "frankly" and was the tipe of player willing to throw himself in front of the shoorter is he was to lose one.

It was a good decision that turned bad. People should remember that when things won't go so well later this season.
This is exatly how I have felt and still do.

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