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Originally Posted by vcv View Post
Find me a single post that does that.
Have a read through this thread, for example...

Of note:

"Armia is one of my favorite prospects. So I'm really rooting for him. I'm no hater, haha. I honestly didn't see one of his games. I was going based off of what other posters had said."


"When is he suppose to come to NA? Buffalo already have a very versatile team... they'll look even more scarier in a couple years."

"I am seeing things, or does Armia pass the puck on purpose to Kärpät-defender's skate in his second goal? Little bit luck in that goal since it bounces of the glove of gk. In any case, very nice goal and very typical Joel Armia goal. E: I think he does it on purpose. Sick move, reminds me of Diego Maradona"

"Ofc he will be able to do it. He plays whenever it matters most. Why hasn't Jalonen tried him on EHT?? He is the best Finnish hockey player (forward) at the moment but what does Jalonen!? Keeps ignoring him."

"Armia should be in the WHC squad but it doesn't look like it. Wake up, jalonen."

"There has been some positive development in his overall effort level and attitude lately. He can do just about anything and everything when just he wants to. I hope this change is permanent, because there are no words to describe how I'll feel if a kid as talented as Joel Armia busts because of attitude issues."

"Armia too good"

"What a great talent this kid is. He should definitely be playing in the WHC. as i have said he is already the best finnish forward, and it's not even close."

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