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02-20-2013, 10:51 PM
The Washer
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Lindy Ruff Firing

- Owner is legit. Should no longer be questioned.
- Ruff no longer coach

- Absolutely nothing BAD about today!
*EDIT - Pegula not present. Thought the "Ruff tenured has ended" line was overtly curt

- Regier. Looks broken and defeated like Ruff.
- Regier mentioning that he knows jack squat about his new coach. Fireable if you ask me. Hopefully he just choked on a tear
- Regier. Did he get drunk and kill someone?? WTF was that all about. I almost thought he could be having a mini stroke. And when he leaned in I thought for sure he was hitting the floor.

Anyone know which players did NOT hug Ruff good bye today? I would find that VERY interesting and telling. I'd bet everything I own that Vanek was one.

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