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02-20-2013, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by captaincrunch89 View Post
I never said anything about status quo, they fired the coach thats about as anti-status quo as it gets. Rolston has a totally different style than Lindy too. Why would Rolston not have a legitimate chance to succeed? If they play well under him and turn this around I'm sure he will be a front runner for the job. When did you want them to do it? Were you holding out hope that the Boudreau situation would repeat itself? What coach that is on the chopping block would you seriously want them to go hire right now? This is a fine move, Rolston deserves a shot at an NHL job and you never know how great he could be. also don't know how bad he can be. There's a reason there's not many NHL head coaches come in with 1 yr pro exp. There's a real good chance that Rolston gets his stuff handed to him pretty bad with this club. I just hope we get some bounce out of it to give us a shot at the playoffs.

As for the previous poster, I'll admit, the good situation might not have presented itself, but it also may have. Just about any present coach fired would be better than Rolston.

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