Thread: Post-Game Talk: Plus/Minus Flyers vs Pens 2/20/13
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02-20-2013, 10:02 PM
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- team discipline

- Bylsma for doing nothing about it. He even said the other day after the Sabres game that he was fine with the penalties the Pens took. I hope he's fine with getting fired after the Pens lose a playoff series by playing undisciplined hockey because that's precisely what will happen if he doesn't put a stop to it.

That is one area where I really miss Therrien because he would NEVER put up with the type of discipline the Pens have been showing against the Flyers.

Remember how we used to always beat the Flyers under Therrien because we'd rarely if ever retaliate to the stupid **** they did? That was because Therrien coached the Pens to play that way. Bylsma has no control over the team and the Flyers just goad us into playing their garbage hockey every single time.

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