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Originally Posted by Stop Winnin View Post
Lol. None of the posts you just quoted have anything close to praising him to a HoF'er. Not even close.

Btw, the dude who is praising Armia to ridiculous lengths isn't even a Sabres fan, he's a Finnish fan, so nice try.
Rather than get sucked into the M.O. around here (digressing individual flame wars that have nothing to do with productive conversation), I will simply re-state my point.

Joel Armia along with most of our young prospects (including people like Tyler Myers) are unknown prospects at this point. They only represent future potential that has yet to be realized and may never be realized. I think it is unsound to evaluate Regier's perceived quality as a GM based on the possible future performance of these unknown commodities.

I would rather avoid another 3-5 year period in which we ultimately realize the new "core" is still more of Regier's crap. I disagree with his idea of what makes a good NHL playoff performer.

It's a lot easier/faster to cut this guy loose based on his entire record and start fresh with a young up and comer.

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