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02-20-2013, 11:14 PM
Ted Black
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AIREAYE- I have a question for you man.

Here's where I'm at with my new 20ks. Overall, I love them. I thought they might be too stiff, but they're not. Overall they feel great but I do have one issue.

When I had my skates baked, I put a little weight on my left foot. That skate felt too tight when the skates were brand new and it wasn't a suprise-- I had the same issue the first time I bought skates. But my ankle is even bigger now since I broke my fibula a year and half ago. So, again, I didn't stand on it or anything, but as I sat there I did put a little put of weight on it once or twice. Now I kind of regret doing this. I had never baked skates before and tbh, I really didn't expect it to make as huge of a difference as it did. My left skate still feels pretty good when I skate, but not as good as my right, because the left feels slightly looser and I flattened out the arch in the skate a bit more than I would have liked. My ankle isn't quite as tight as the right either..(still absolutely no heel slip in either skate)

Now, I'm not talking a gross difference here, but it's enough to be at least somewhat noticeable when I skate. My question is, would a re-bake help here at all? When you re-bake a skate will the foams I compressed the first time around expand back at all, even just a little?

I know you're probably thinking "you should have never put any weight in it."

It was my first time baking skates and I was trying to go about the matter smartly. I certainly didn't ruin the skate, but if you have any ideas on my correcting what I did and getting my skates dialed in perfectly, I'm all ears. I've thought about trying superfeet insoles in both skates, or perhaps even trying one in just the left.

What is your opinion here?

If I re-bake is only going to make a foam compress more or somewhere it hasn't compressed yet, then I don't want to do it of course.

Maybe I'm just paranoid. It's nothing terrible, but since I paid so much for these babies I tend to be kicking myself over this error.

Thanks for your ears.

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