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02-20-2013, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by LePoche69 View Post
Gionta isn't called a garbage or Charlatan by everybody. There are valid arguments to trade him as there are valid ones not to. Sure I read garbage in this thread, but I also read some valid dicussions. Your post brings nothing more than the ones you're pointing.
Something you see often in threads, i.e., "you post doesn't contribute to anything either."

If you can't tell, my point is that it's ridiculous to suggest things like he's garbage and a charlatan, which WERE posts made and which I vehemently disagree with. I've written at length about Gio, Eller, Plekanec, Markov and so on when people were kicking them. Not surprisingly, they prove people wrong (most lately Eller, and I'm not even posting in that thread to say "told ya so"). It's simply tiring to come on here and see the so called valid arguments for Gio being useless/overpaid/too old for this ****, etc.

There have been some posters who seem to agree with me, but it only takes a few to make one disgusted like:

- can't believe he's our captain
- he's a charlatan (!!!!!)

Then the stats police who ignore that he brings all the things you want in a captain.

You want me to contribute something? Gio is the Habs captain and on our top 6 and on our most consistent line. Deal with it and just so you're prepared, there's plenty of crow left for the haters. Can't wait til the "Gorges just gives speeches and is overpaid" thread comes up and ends up warranting replies to the contrary.

Trade Markov! Trade Plekanec! Eller is a bust! Bergevin is an idiot (re: PK)! Gionta is a horrible captain!

Sometimes it's really amazing to see the stuff on this board.

Also, wow, Patch scored one legit goal. Love the guy and am totally confident Cole will be back, but Gio has been doing way more productive things than those two all season. DD has climbed out of his torpor, Patch on his way, Cole next. Gio doesn't deserve this hate after all that he's proven in the past few years. I can't conceive that some fans think he doesn't care about the team or gives a half-assed effort.

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