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Originally Posted by davedave View Post
I pretty much agree. There's no need to rush Latendresse: as you say, if he makes the team out of training camp, then great, he'll have earned it. But I don't think he's got a leg up on any one, and I agree that he's a long shot.

At this point, I think Chipchura is ahead of him, and he too is a long shot. It's unrealistic to expect either one to make the team on the strength of their probable offensive contribution, and Chipchura brings more of the little things at this stage that could make him a useful NHLer. In terms of adding just power and size and grit, I don't think you lose much by taking Chipchura over Latendresse at this stage.

SOLR, I still think you've got a good point about Latendresse's development. Another year in the Q is not ideal. Hamilton would be the best situation. However, between being a 14th forward (ahead of Chipchura, Lapierre, and Kostitsyn) and being dominant in the Q and a returning WJ player, I think the latter is the better option.

Hmm theres a really big difference in attitude between Chip and Latendresse. Lats is mean, hes a bigger Begin, when he hits he wants it to hurt. While for Chipchura its pretty mathematic, he hits, do it well, very clean, will rarely do it for the effect.. Chip is a much less intimidating presence than Latendresse.

Btw. I do agree Chip is closer overall than Lats, hes 1 year older, hes very mature/leader etc. But with this team we have, a bunch of europeens, I really feel Lats is an ingredient to the overall mix Chip can only dream to have. Just lats presence on the ice could be intimidating for the other team at home with the crowd shouting "gui-gui gui gui gui" at every big bodycheck.

IMO, if he makes the team, bonk will be gone, because that will mean those 4 rookies will force at least the opening of another spot. Kost being the top 6 replacement player and Chip, Ferland, Lats on the 3rd-4th line.


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