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Originally Posted by slip View Post
Warren Buffet owns like a gazillion companies and runs/manages none of them. There's no absolutes when it comes to owning and operating a business.
All those companies have their own boards who do the same thing that he and Ted do. Completely different scenario between being a primary shareholder, and the owner and president.

Terry and Ted surely discuss team matters and decide if Darcy is doing a good job. If he's not, they will do something besides just wait until he screws up so bad, then fire him. It was suggested that this is what happens, and I think today proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that if they don't like something he's doing, they will intervene(veto), and not just let him screw up real bad, then fire him. THAT'S the point we were discussing.

You don't say you hope you work together forever, and then after a string of decent games just up and can said guy.

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