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02-20-2013, 11:39 PM
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Leafs fan coming in peace, firstly congrats on your amazing start! Hope both our teams make the playoffs. Now on to the issue at hand, I don't see why you guys would be against an enforcer? Prust is a stand up guy and a monster, but hes undersized and in the NE division none of the big boys are afraid of him. He can not do all the fighting by himself. White is a gamer, but doesn't he make to many bone headed plays? No one would really be afraid to answer him anyway. Moen really doesnt fight anymore because of concussion issues anyway right?

I can't see how having a guy like Kassian would hurt the team over an Armstrong. Who was useless in Toronto and from now understanding is useless in MTl to. The factor that Kassian could bring would be a lot more valuable then what Armstrong offers. To those saying dressing a enforcer makes no difference, I can tell you first hand it does. Last year the leafs were the softest team in the NHL under Wilson. We started the year hot but when things got physical as the year went on, we got embarrassed. Teams figured out if you go after Kessel or Dion then they get shaken up and were basically out of the game mentally. We even had scrums last year were our own players would ignore the scrum and go to the bench. This year with Orr, Brown, Fraser, Mclaren all in the game, Kessel is getting into scrums chirping and holding people. The moral of the team is different and everyone is playing a few inches taller. After the Boston incidents from the past few years, and the Toronto ones and so on I don't see why you guys wouldn't.

Also I don't think its fair to call Orr, Mclaren and so on goons. Orr is on the third line now and is playing decently. He has a goal and an assist, isn't a defensive liability, if you watched the games you would realize that and he can even keep up with the nhl speed. It's not like he holds the team back with his play, he busted his ass of in the offseason to improve his game. Fraser is a machine back there and can play at the NHL level and Mclaren is playing solid for a forth liner. I would argue that we have no goons on our team. Goon meaning they can't skate properly and fight and can't even hit cause they are to slow. We have role players that when things get out of hand can goon it up.

In conclusion, Montreal should get an "enforcer" but be smart about it. Get someone like a Kassian and a trio of White, Prust and Kassian will be decent.

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