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02-20-2013, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Dorian2 View Post
Why don't you do a "hypothetical" for Hall and Eberle? What are Gagner and Hemsky, a couple of old Chrsitmas presents that you've grown tired of playing with?

No matter how you try to sell this thread, it's pretty obvious why it was made BBO.

You're better than that, no?

Because both were signed to lengthy deals just a short while ago and unless they have flat out stopped giving a damn the management has already spoken to how they view these players in terms of their importance to the team. Gagner signed for consecutive 1 year deals and Hemsky signing for 2 years at least at the time of the contracts tells me that management was/is less certain of their spots here longer term.

It is still my belief that one of these players will be moved at some point in the next year or so and with both playing some of their best offensive hockey in recent years their values may well be at their highest this season or next.

Originally Posted by Mowzie View Post
I'd like to see what we could swing via UFA first.

But if it's either Gagner or Hemsky, and the reason we're making a deal is to bring some size/skill, I'd trade Gagner.
That might be management's ideology as well, let both finish the year here and then see what we can do in the offseason.

Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
That's my feeling too. Hemsky is always a bit of a one man show - and I'm not saying that to put him down because he's terrific when he's hitting his notes.

I also agree with the poster above who said "wingers we have, centers not so much".
Even if we get a good center in a trade this team still has terrible depth at that position.

My preference of course would be to trade neither. We still have a year to evaluate the team.
If Tamby panics now after four years in the sewer and gets ripped off in a deal for Hemsky or Gagner I am gonna flip out.
We simply cannot trade either for dog food, IMO the two of them have the greatest trade value on our team outside of the 3 1st overall picks, Eberle, and Schultz. If we trade either we need to make the most of the return and it needs to be for a player that will be a long term fixture here. .

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