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02-20-2013, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by HighLifeMan View Post
I fully endorse trading everybody. The compete level of this team is horrible, and it has been for years. I am not advocating a full scale 5-8 year rebuild but at some point there has to be a culture shift. That absolutely means that #12 is gone. I don't put this teams failures on his shoulders by any means but nothing will change until he is gone. He deserves better anyways.
I feel this way about Iginla as well, he still gives a great effort most nights and he is still a great captain but, the fact is the leadership on this team has just failed again and again, and you have to start at the top. I would move Iginla to a team where there is already a core in place and he can just play his game, and show his skill. He deserves better than to waste away on this zero effort club.

He has done so much for the organization and I would rather watch him win a cup in another sweater than watch my favorite player ever fade into nothingness for the next 5 years.

Also, Cammy has just rubbed me the wrong way all season every time I see him on the bench he is smiling and chatting someone up whether the Flames are winning or losing. Maybe its just me but I want to move him as well.

Even just moving Iginla and Cammy could return a pair of 1st's and a couple good prospects. Draft well this year and the rebuild is probably already a 1/3rd over.

Move Kipper (he deserves to chase a cup too, the guy is a champ just like Iginla and deserves a shot).

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