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10. Dino Bravo- Remember him as the only Canadian who would be in the Main Events when I first started watching wrestling
9. Savio Vega - I really don't remember why I liked him so much. Just thought he was cool
8. Y2J - pretty self explanatory
7. Ahmed Johnson - I thought he was an absolute beast. Just looking at the guy I didn't know how anyone could beat him when I was younger
6. Mr. Perfect - I was convinced the guy was the best athlete in the world. Remember asking my dad why no one in the NHL wanted him
5. Razor Ramon - I thought he was the coolest ever when I was 5. Wanted to grow up to be just like him, glad I didn't. Plus the Razors Edge was awesome
4. Jeff Jarrett - by association through Owen Hart. Plus I thought the song "With My Baby Tonight" was fantastic
3. British Bulldog - Member of the Hart family. Was amazed at how strong and quick he was
2. Bret Hart - I lived and died with the Hitman. Even after his feud with Austin was over I could never cheer for Austin, even against Vince
1. Owen Hart - I was so torn whenever he fought Bret, sided with Owen because he was more of an underdog. Plus I was a whined as a kid so I could relate

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