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Originally Posted by Kanka View Post
Ok, chest protectors could be more form fitting, but please stop messing with the goaltenders equipment. Enough is enough!!!

Has anyone done research on goaltenders knee/hip problems and possible links to goalie pads? I am sure the knee stacks being shrunk has not helped.

If the NHL is so hell bent on changing hockey, why don't they just adopt NBA rules! Shot from the blue line, 3 points. Anything else, two points. Heck, you score from the red line, 5 points. Score from behind your own goal line, congratulations you just won the game.
This kind of ridiculous spin doesnt help your cause. Trying to invalidate all concerns by twisting it into the ridiculous solves nothing. Its simply unhelpful.

They long since have the technology to make goalie equipment FIT the goalie making him slightly bigger than the other players. Thats all.

It doesnt sell because goalies wont buy it. They want the BIGGEST equipment allowed so they can go into the butterfly and take up as much net as possible. Its a JOKE.

If you watch games from the 70s adn 80s , and even 90s before they adopted the butterfly lets wear space suits mentality, you see that its harder for the goalie to stop the puck. Its not about injury.

I am all for goalies making great saves. I am all for the RARE 1-0 or 2-1 game, provided there are spectacular saves off HONEST to goodness grade A scoring chances . And also 5 goal posts each to boot.

Not just taking shots from all angles hoping for a rebound so each goalie has a .950 save percentage crap. Shooting it in from center on net to pad the totals even further. Screw this.

Whats the point of more action if they arent accomplishing dry crap. They cant. The forwards block the shots. The defensemen block the shots. The chances of you getting a straight on shot with no angle is basically NONE.

Make the equipment fit the goalie, not protect the goal. This will still provide great saves but more goals.

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