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02-21-2013, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Puhis View Post

As far as I can see, Granlund hasn't yet shown the "magic" that netted him a top prospect status. We look at Granlund and the moves he makes and the passes and go "wow, this kid is good", but at the same time... Nothing special, really. Just your typical pass-first playmaker there. But I'm pretty sure that the good stuff will eventually come. Look at the progress the kids' made already. From a Granny slipping on the ice to a player able to hold his own, and that's in just a month. The next step is to establish his place in the top 6 and eventually learn and adjust to the speed and style of play in the NHL. Once he does that, he is able to relax and think more. And that, I reckon, is the point when we'll see something truly special.

It's getting there and reaching the potential that's the real challenge for him.
I think finishing the year while improving as much as he can this short season is his goal at the moment. Each game, each week, get better and better. But what his challenge will be is to identify those things in his game/physique that need the most improvement and to work his butt off from spring to training camp to try to put on 10 lbs of lean muscle (very specific to his weakness areas like core strength//explosive hip flexors-extensors), work on skating, and analyze video of the holes in his game and then make a game plan on how to improve them. Then, come to camp DETERMINED.

And if there is a player with the willingness to do this, lucky it is Granlund. He has shown that he will work on the areas of his game that are lacking season to season. I think this half season taste of NHL will stoke that fire that seems to burn behind those (terrifying) eyes.

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