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02-21-2013, 12:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Kjell Dahlin View Post
The last part of your post is weird imo.

Therrien directly challenged him (Pas le temps de niaiser) but he also made sure that Eller understood what was expected of him. On numerous occasions, Eller mentioned that the message was clear and he knew what to do (roughly: more intensity, a “hungrier” approach) to lock himself a spot. Contrary to his fan boys, Eller, during the whole process, stayed calm and answered the bell.

Eller also mentioned that Therrien is a tough but fair coach and the players know that if they put in practice the game plan, they will receive more ice-time. He said that it leads to a healthy internal pressure.

Therrien challenged him at the right time and he made sure Eller understood the situation; he did not keep him in the dark. I say Therrien played a role in Eller’s progression. It’s not a myth: he does look hungrier.
That's just because you think Eller elevated his play due to Therrien's words.
I agree with Andy, I view it as a coincidence more than anything else.

How many NHL players this year looked pretty crappy after their first game?? None of them had a real training camp, no one played exhibition games. On top of it in Mtl, we had a new system. Just look at how long it took Washington to finally start playing better under their new system.

Like Andy said, Eller is playing the exact same way he's always played. The differences you see in his game are more due to his natural progression than Therrien lighting up a fire under his butt. If anything, Therrien held him back. Like we're holding PK back.

Eller should be getting top 6 minutes at this point in his progression. He shouldn't be averaging 18 seconds more of PP time than Prust, or 40sec more overall. That's a waste of his skills.

Therrien has done a much better job than I thought, but I fully disagree with Eller's handling. I fully expected Eller to play the way he is now based on the fact his defensive game improved a lot under Martin and he showed good offensive upside playing with AK last year. I'm not surprised by his current play.
I wanted him to play with Gionta and expected them to absolutely dominate their opponents as a 3rd line, and also get PP time.

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