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02-21-2013, 12:56 AM
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I answered 'no' - only because the average annual salary of a SAG member is $5,000 and if the results of an internet poll might possibly dissuade you from pursuing becoming a Hollywood actor and joining the ranks of SAG members, then you're not serious about becoming one and there's no reason to encourage a frivilous pursuit.

I tend to take such polls along the lines of "in grade school, I wrote some short stories that were very well recieved, and my high school even put on a one act play I wrote as a junior! Should I try to become a best-selling author of spy novels?" queries. That is, not too seriously.

But even though I answered no on your poll - my real answer is yes, you should try to become a hollywood actor, and you should try to win an OSCAR for Best Actor in a Motion Picture, and an EMMY for Best Actor in a Television Series, and in your acceptance speeches thank your family and agents and producers and friends and co-stars before the band starts to play you off and save me for last -"And I'd like to thank Yotesreign from HF Boards for inspiring me to give this a shot!"

I will stand in front of my TV that night & give ya a Standing O!

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