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Originally Posted by Avsare1 View Post
I don't think so, Dater is just an emotional guys, and lets his emotions get the better of him when he writes, I don't think the locker room issues are nearly as bad with ROR as he makes them out to be.

I mean sure theres probably a little animosity between some guys and ROR, but ROR is the type of guy who I think would walk into the room, tell the guys he's sorry, and work his ass off to make it up to everyone. One week tops and everyone would love the guy again.

Which is the difference between Subban and ROR(kinda offtopic), Subban isn't the type of guy to do what ever it takes to make amends with his teammates, he probably somewhat shrugged it off as a who cares type thing, ROR wouldn't do that. That's part of the reason why I don't think there would be as much dislike in the first place, ROR cares about his team and teammates a lot more.
Not to trend off topic here, but this statement is really just not true at all. Have you ever seen Subban in his off-season work outs? Have you seen him on his down-time? The guy doesn't go out and party, or get drunk or spend his money foolishly. He goes home, relaxes, thinks about the game and how he can improve. "The Score" television network in Canada followed him around in the summer, the guy is as humble as they come.

Sure, he looks like a goof on the ice when he or one of his teammates scores, but so what? He's happy his team got a goal, he's just one of those guys who enjoys celebrating a little more than others. If i recall, there was a time when guys didn't even touch gloves after scoring by the bench, and now they do that. Wonder which guy took the brunt of that blame? Subban just enjoys his teammates having success, as much as he enjoys it for himself.

Lastly, at least Subban actually SIGNED a deal, and may I remind you, a great deal, so that he could prove himself to the Canadiens front office and to his teammates. He just wanted to be playing hockey again and was thankful to be in Montreal. Sounds a little like a certain someone around here wearing number 9 does it not? If we are talking strictly personality and work ethic here, based on what has happened, I will take P.K. Subban any day over Ryan O'Reilly. O'Reilly has become a joke now, if he REALLY cared about playing for this club, he'd go around his agent, and sign the deal. His agent doesn't have to speak on his behalf for every single thing. This is a joke

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