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The Illusionist (animated) - 5/5
I didn't love it as much the first time around, but I saw it again on Netflix in HD and I couldn't have been more satisfied.

Anything else like it?

Also, I know there's a last TV show thread buried SOMEWHERE, but I couldn't find it right away by searching/going through recent pages, so I don't care, I'm doing it here.

Californication: Season 1 - 3.5 or 4
Californication: Season 2 - 3
I loved it initially, and it's still very entertaining at this point, but it felt like it started spinning its wheels a little bit and like something I'll get sick of pretty soon. I'll probably stop after season 3, since people are actually complaining that it gets significantly worse after that.

I'm not a fan of when it becomes obvious a show starts to feel like it's desperately trying to keep you interested while not really having a focused sense of direction. Season 1 felt alot more cohesive.

Mr. D: Season 1 - 2.5 or 3/5
It's far from perfect (sometimes feels like it's trying too hard to follow the brand of humor of popular "clever comedies")-- occasionally a joke will fall completely and awkwardly flat (I get that from alot of Canadian humor personally), but this might be the first Canadian show I've enjoyed period.

Community: first two episodes of Season 4
- 0.5/5
It's just the first two episodes because I'm giving up on the series after that. Really disliked it, felt like nails on a chalkboard and didn't get a second of enjoyment from it.

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