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02-21-2013, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by BadMedicine View Post
We know Hemmers top end and so does the NHL he is a bluechip especially since he has been healthy and showcased on the 2nd line to prove it.

Gagner is still evolving incredible as it is to believe at the NHL level, he definately has appeal at his age with 5yrs of NHL experience under his belt, the 8pt night with the PPG pace this year really made him an enigma, we truly need to see what he can do when his linemates learn a bit more, he would likely now step onto a team with very experienced forwards and light it up as he is now at a PPG which is where he may stay now if the kids develop fast and steady.

I trade Hemmer because we can find another speedster but I dont think we are finding a player in Sams situation anytime soon. Besides speedsters are one dimensional and better suited to offensive systems not adjusted hybrids like ours.

Sam thinks the game the way an adjusted hybrid requires and is able to provide a two dimensional style to support that.

I dont let Hemmer go cheaply though because any championship team can use a gamebreaker. But truly Hemmer is like Klima was, he is a specific tool and we need to see that for what it is to best utilise him, in the past he has been overutilised to cover up weaknesses on the roster in other spots. At this point he is more of a scalpel to us which is why he needs to be on the 3rd line scoring those type of goals on minimal possesions like he can do.

I say you pay more any way you can and try to cut a deal with the devil and keep them both.
Hemsky is a rare bird in that he can create offense on virtually any line, if I wasn't afraid of him pouting I wouldn't mind seeing him on the 3rd line opposite of Paajarvi or Smyth.

A team like LA could REALLY use some of Hemsky's gamebreaking ability, hell most teams could truth be told. I agree that we know what we have with Hemsky when he's healthy, but do you see Gagner being strong enough in all 3 zones to warrant us locking him up long term for say Hemsky money?

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