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Originally Posted by Shootmaster_44 View Post
I'm hoping in 2015 there is a doubleheader, two Eastern teams play somewhere and then the Kings/Ducks at the LA Coliseum. There was a persistent rumour about the Kings at the Rose Bowl, but there's a small annual football game that takes place New Years Day that would prevent that.

As corny as some might find this, I still think one year they should have one game on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa and one beachside in California or Florida. If the NHL is trying to bring in the casual fan with these games, holding it in a baseball/football stadium in the cold and snow isn't going to do it. But I can bet many casual sports fans would stop and watch a game in an unusual locale like on the beach or a frozen pond. Much like the novelty of the college basketball game on the air craft carrier, these settings make fans think I should check this out. Count me as someone who tunes in for these weird location games, but could careless about the Winter Classic in the cold and snow. To me that is been there, done that already.

However, the game in 1991 at the MGM Grand in Vegas still amazes me. I realize modern refrigeration technology is phenomenal, but having a game outdoors in 35 or 40 degree Celsius weather and the ice staying playable amazes me. Granted, from what I heard that game the ice was too hard and not as nice as it would've been playing inside.
I think I might enjoy it not being in a stadium as well but they would have to fill the area with bleachers taking away the effect and they would not get anywhere near enough bleachers in to make up for the amount of money they make on tickets.

The only way it would happen is if some rich guy pays the league whatever they would make on tickets and I highly doubt any one would spend that much money just for 1 NHL game

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