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02-21-2013, 01:51 AM
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I'd probably do some equipment innovations. The current big, loose fitting hockey sweaters have a kind of 1970s feel to them. I would switch to the tighter fitting, stretchy NFL type jersey to make the guys look more athletic on TV.

Use helmets with some aerodynamic swoosh to them, like a bicycle helmet but not that extreme.

Helmets could be more concussion proof, having an air bladder in them with a high G-force release valve. A small CO2 cartridge (like what is used in bb guns) in the helmet would refill the air bladder after an impact.

Stick shafts could be more aerodynamic, more rounded with golf ball dimples.

I mentioned a compressed super bouncy ball rubber thing a few weeks ago as a joke, but a 2 millimeter coating of it on stick blades might actually benefit shooters, it would have to be tested.

Edit: stick blades can have some holes in them like high performance brake rotors, to let some air pass through, less resistance.

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