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Originally Posted by Crease View Post
Seriously? That's your argument against trimming chest protectors, pants, and thigh rises? Also, get off your pedestal. I've been a goaltender for 20 years, very recently spending 4 between the pipes at a Division I NCAA school, as well as trained with Scrivens and Quick. So don't play the "you just don't understand" card.

You and I both know what thigh rises are for. You and I both know what half the foam on a chest protector is for. You and I both know what the inner thigh blocks in goalie pants are for. It's not for safety. Let's get rid of them and see how the game evolves, eh?
I agree that trimming those things is the right thing to do, (I'm a goalie too, albeit I only ever played house league and beer league), and I know what you're taking about. I guess what I think is that I'm not sure it will really make much of a difference. Without drastically and completely changing what the position has become by shrinking and modifying the gear completely, I don't know how much difference it will make. Even if the chest protectors are more form fitting, butterflying will still be effective because protection won't be sacrificed, and I'm not afraid to have the puck hit my chest. Pads will still seal the ice, and goalies at a high level will still lock their knees for their butterfly and work on flexibility to widen it. I just don't know if there's much short of a draconian and drastic change in goalie gear that will change it.

The other little cheater goalies used to have was the calf wedges, my old pads had these and my new ones don't. When I first switched to pads with no calf wedges, I got burned a lot on goals that I used to stop by just a hair. After a few weeks with the new pads I adjusted to the lack of calf wedges and worked at getting down into the butterfly faster. It gave opposing forwards an initial increase in scoring, but it really was rather short lived. I think (especially with NHL goalies instead of scrubs like me) this adjustment process won't be very long at all. I agree that the thigh rises, C/A's, and pants have gotten a bit silly, but I don't think there'll be much more scoring from changing the equipment without completely overhauling it, which I don't know if the NHL is prepared to do.

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