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Originally Posted by Puhis View Post
Oh, that's very clever. I never managed to grow big enough of a city to justify building a subway, but... I still did it anyway. Good times, and flat broke cities.
Well, when you can build a subway depends on if you are using the Network Addon Mod or not. With the mod you should probably wait until you have about 150-200k people and a few thousand dollars a month in surplus AND a couple hundred thousand to throw down on installing the system to begin with.

Without the mod, the numbers are a bit lower because the maintenance costs are a lot lower, but at the same time the default maxis traffic simulator makes pretty much every sim a car driving snob who will bypass congestion free subways that will get him across town in minutes in favor of a congested street that will force him to take almost an hour to get to work. So the ridership will be much much less, meaning a lot less income from fares.

And do you still have some of your old, almost bankrupt cities? I could take a look at a few and tell you what you were doing wrong, because it really is pretty simple to at least break even in Sim City 4. Hell, it's become so instinctive for me at this point that I hit a million bucks in cash in only a few years on a new city I started a few days ago, and I took the mods out and played it vanilla until I could not stand it anymore (which was up until tonight, when I just got too damned fed up with commute time abandonment to want to continue. Population at modding: 875,000)

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