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02-21-2013, 02:55 AM
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Originally Posted by orcatown View Post
Expectations for Garrison were way too high. Was suppose to come in and be a force on the power play. However, looked awkward and ineffective and was fairly quickly jettisoned off the power play and has not been used there since early in the season. Looks evident now that much of what he did in Florida offensively resulted from playing with a truly gifted player in Campbell.

I think it is becoming evident that Garrison is not a great skater. There is little smoothness to his play and he has to labour to make plays. I think this really shows up when he is forced to chase pucks dumped into his corner. He unable to turn fast enough or get to the puck quick enough to give himself space and time to make a play. Everything turns into a chase and puck battle in the corner. As a result the Canucks end up playing a lot in their own end when Garrison is out. I think this deficiency has been picked up by other teams and they try to exploit it.

The other problem here is that in order to try to provide himself time Garrison cheats a bit at the blueline and thus gives up the blue line line too easily.

Up to this point Garrison has been playing off his back heel and ends up mostly just trying to keep the puck to the outside and scramble the puck out of his end. He really cannot join the rush or get playing down hill in the middle ice or offensive end.

In the pre-season he had groin issues and that might explain some of the lack of mobility. However, could well be that Garrison is what he is - a pretty marginal NHL player.

I don't think anyone is making any final conclusions on Garrison but up to this point he has be a disappointment. As it is, looks like Tanev is being moved into the top 4 and Garrison to the last pairing.
I've posted this before. Garrison in his three years in the league has scored 4 (extrapolated), 5, and 7 ES goals for an average of 5.3. Note that he didn't have Campbell for the first two seasons. Also note that over the same time Edler has averaged 4.3 ES goals per year.

So in a 48 game season Garrison should be expected to score 3.1 ES goals. He's already got one in only 15 games. So he's on historical pace and I'm not sure what all the fuss is about.

I think AV summed up exactly what he has brought to the team so far.

As for our problems with puck battles and being hemmed in our own end, I think our whole team has that particular disease.

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