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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I don't think it's arguable at all. He and Novy were co-BPA for a long time IMO, and Drillon should have extra value as a wing.

Drillon is basically terrible at everything but scoring goals, but what a goal scorer! I was really surprised to see overpass pass on him in favor of Dave Taylor as a guy to finish off the reconstructed Punch Line.

You guys going with 3 pure scoring lines, eh? It'll be interesting to see how that works out for you.
Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Strange to see so many experienced GMs go with 3 scoring lines.
Originally Posted by nik jr View Post
i was originally planning to pick among some 2 way depth players, but changed my mind. i don't think i have ever used 3 scoring lines before.
Melting pot of things to say on the subject:

- Dave and I, just as Nik, never thought of going with three scoring line. I've been in this draft for 10 of them (already!) and expect ATD#7, I always had a strong two-way, 3rd line (and was still suppose to do so). In all honesty, our team was getting built exactly as planned at the end of pick #300. Messier 1st round, Bill Cook #2, BDA #3, Eric Lindros #4 etc ...

However, at #344, we had the chance to select either a role player, or one of the all-time great goalscorer of Maple Leafs' history in Sid Smith. A leader, a FAST, 2SAST, 2TAST. A competent defensive player that won't be afraid to backcheck. He was a no-brainer pick on our side. Even with that selection, we still havn't change our plan to reunite a strong two-way line. We just, in our opinion, struck gold with Smith.

Until 20 picks ago, I didn't even knew that Gordie Drillon was still available. I scan through ATD#12 to see which players were still available (that's how I found that Sid Smith was there), but I didn't looked as high as #232, where he got taken last draft (I knew Kevin Stevens was still available, second on our list at #280 after Alf Smith kudos on that selection!). I had a PM asking me if Drillon would be my selection, when I was waiting for Dave to approve the selection of Sid Smith. Again, we had the chance to either draft a role player, or a ART ROSS winner, 2FAST, a SAST, a FIVE TIME Top-5 in goalscoring.

Yes, there's some excellent role players available, who made great career of shadowing all-star player and scoring opportunistic goals, but after 360 selection, can you really leave a player of Drillon's caliber on the table? He was not part of the plan, but we gonna find room for him. There's no question our team will be better at the end of the day with Drillon than selecting 'generic good two-way player'.

We're gonna shovel the lines a bit with that selection. Sid Smith and Gordie Drillon are surprisingly similar players in the offensive zone. Both speedy, goalscorer who made careers of tipping pucks and scoring garbage goals. Together on the same line would be a waste of their full potential. Sid Smith will switch spot with Alf Smith, who will now anchor the 3rd line:

Rick Martin - Mark Messier - Bill Cook
Sid Smith - Eric Lindros - Didier Pitre
Alf Smith - XXX - Gordie Drillon


One last thing. Someone was making allusion that Drillon had a short career. Yes, he did play only 6 seasons in the NHL, but what is even more extraordinary is that in his last season before getting shipped abroad on the battlefield, Drillon was 5th in goalscoring and the 8th best offensive player in the NHL. We're giving free passes (and I agree) with guys like Milt Schmidt, Syl Apps, Woodrow Dumart etc ... that lost prime years to the WWII, well Drillon left the NHL at the age of 29, being one of the best goalscorer and offensive player of the league. Without WWII, his offensive exploit would certainly be more impressive.

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