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Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
And I wouldn't say the lack of offense is Oli's fault....

Ridiculously low shooting percentages compared to normal, plus Jets' flubbing the puck (not just including him) more often when he's on the ice than when he's not = low goals for
Pavelec playing his worst when Jokinen's on the ice = high goals against

Defensively in decrease shots against, scoring chances, other teams possesion Jokinen is actually doing BETTER than last season.
Offensively in creating shots for, scoring chances, and creating possession Jokinen is actually doing BETTER than last season.
So, to think that luck isn't playing a pretty big role in his lack of points and his +/- is pretty ignorant IMO. It's a team game, but you can usually stick out who is at fault by certain things... plus watching the game where most people here have detailed similar effects to what these stats point out.
Well, there are two problems with comparing stats to last year. One, is that this is a lockout year with a shortened season (lots of different variables compared to a normal season). The second, is that we are not even halfway done with the season, and this is only a small sample size.

Other things to consider is that this is a new team and a new coaching system for Olli, so you would expect some growing pains. However, he has still been consistent in his lack of production even though his previous line mates (Kane & Wheeler) still found ways to score when they were on the ice together. So in my mind, this still does not excuse him for his lack of production. There is only so much you can blame on the team and on luck. Hitting the post may count as a quality scoring chance, but in reality, this doesn't help his production as it is a matter of accuracy rather than luck. All in all, I think it has to do with his lack of chemistry with his line mates more than anything.

Finally, I would like to ask why you think +/- is a bad stat to compare defense? I agree that +/- is a team stat more than anything, but how does that excuse Olli, or any other player for that matter, from failing to produce or defend 5 on 5 hockey?

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