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02-21-2013, 03:45 AM
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You guys are defending Gionta for the weakest of reasons.

The point is simple: He's not physical, he's not skilled and he's not producing well. Having watched all his games I can also say that he's holding our main offensive line back and exhausting them with his inability to recover pucks in his own lane. He's been atrocious on the powerplay as well.

Not complaining until we start losing is classic bi-polar Habs fan behaviour and I won't engage in it - we're a winning team and we need to hold our players accountable. Gionta has great work ethic and he knows as well as any that his production has severely declined*. That said I don't think it's in the best interests of the organization to award foresight with PP time and top6 minutes. And he's not strong enough for the bottom6 either AND he's paid 5m a year. Kaberle aside, Gionta is #2 with a bullet as the next buy-out worthy skater with his declining performance.

Given that he's paid like a scoring winger, he's played as a scoring winger (with #1 centre and massive PP time) and he's treated like a scoring winger - I'm going to call him a charlatan until he bloody well performs like a scoring winger.

Acting like I'm the one who's goofy for being critical of an obvious weak-link during a win-streak is classic "loser fan" behaviour. Gionta hasn't done much of anything this year and it's about damn time the heat is raised on him.

Edit:* what I mean to say is not that his ppg has declined but his honest production, his involvement in executing plays and scoring and general positive hockey.

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