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Originally Posted by MtlPenFan View Post
Why? Because I'm not going on name recognition or as I can now clearly see, the fact that Ruff isn't Bylsma?

Missing the playoffs an average of every 2nd year for the last decade impresses you?

Since we're all on player development, what's happened to Vanek who was one of the better natural scorers in the league? Why is Connolly considered one of the bigger underachievers in the league? What's happening to Tyler Myers who went from rookie of the year to struggling mightily this year?
I'm with you on not wanting Ruff (or Maurice). If you don't like Disco hockey then I think Ruff brings more of the same... even though he's better at the same style.

Small, quick teams that move their legs a lot and want to stay in motion. They're good from face off dot to face off dot but lack something from face off dot to the end boards on both sides of the puck.

While I like a quick transition and gaining the blue line ASAP, I would rather see a system thats about puck management and poise. Something with a little more set up for a better end result and a little less scrambley in the defensive zone.

To be honest I want to give Disco a break because I think there are a **** ton of holes on this team but I do think Shero is trying to put together a team that fits this hyper system. That hyper system is really hard to play in and make goal scorers like Poni and Sykora flat out garbage. I also think people forget just how new Bylsma is to coaching. Its not like he was putting in long years in the minors before he got his shot in Pittsburgh. So I always feel that he's learning a bulk of his craft as he goes. While he does add a new wrinkle ever year, he doesn't address the same mistakes we see year after year.

Nolan is a good mention. I like everything about his game but hate how he conducts himself off the ice. Tocchet, Boughner and King could be good fits too.

My personal choice is Ulfie. I'm not sure of his contract with Modo but the 'yotes used to rave about him. I always though he had a great hockey mind.

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