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02-21-2013, 04:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Bucky Gleason View Post
If Pegula really wants the Sabres to be excellent at finding, developing, and keeping talent, I'd say that's prime reason to keep Regier. Your captain, the NHL's leading scorer, your Vezina goalie, your Calder winner, etc.
I disagree.

The talent pool is filled with quite a few high-risk prospects like Armia and Grigorenko. If anything, we don't have a safe bet to be a top-tier scoring forward or a top-tier overall defenseman... Or a top-tier goalie, anywhere in the system.
Grigorenko is the first ballsy pick they've had in 7-8 years, along maybe with Myers who's been stuck in a rut for 2 years.

Regier did a great job in 2005. Then he slipped up at the deadline.
Then he blew it (Quinn etc.) in 2007 and he never did anything of importance to offset the chaos from that offseason.

The ONLY time Buffalo looked anything remotely like a top-tier team was the year when Miller did a Hasek, Myers had an amazing rookie year, forwards were adequate and Hecht, Grier and Goose led the league-leading PK AND still contributed offensively.

Apart from that one year, this team looked mediocre at best.


I'm too lazy to look it up, but after Briere and Drury went, I wrote here somewhere, this team could've been a perennial contender, instead it was headed for perennial mediocrity.

Firing Ruff solves nothing if Regier and his doctrine of running a team stays the same.
Firing Ruff made sense for both sides - and I love Lindy - but ONLY if the changes don't stop there... Regier has to go in order for this franchise to take a different direction.
(IMO firing Regier makes more sense than hoping he changes his managing habits and perspectives)

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